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Back Announcement November 22nd, 2019

An energizing announcement

Investments of $15.8 million to develop all-electric specialty urban trucks and the next generation of electric ambulances.

Lion and partners to accelerate the electrification of heavy transport

The Lion Electric Co., its partners and the Quebec Government are launching a major project to integrate equipment and technologies into all-electric heavy-duty vehicles. The estimated $15.8 million project, to which the government is contributing $7.9 million, will allow the development, in Quebec, of the only heavy-duty electric specialty vehicles perfectly integrated to date. The project will lead to the manufacture, in Quebec, of a new generation of all-electric ambulances and various types of specialty urban vehicles, including refuse trucks and bucket trucks. The mobilization of seven industry partners marks the birth of a genuine movement toward electric trucking in Quebec’s urban centers and an industry that will generate substantial economic benefits and contribute to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

« Since TRANSIT Truck Bodies’ establishment in 1978, our growth and technological advances have all been driven by our commitment to provide sustainable products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers, while respecting the environment. » said Louis Leclair, president and owner of TRANSIT Truck Bodies.

« Through the mobilizing project for integration of equipment and technologies on specialized heavy electric vehicles, TRANSIT has three main objectives:

  • Simplify the anchoring systems of the truck body to the chassis, to minimize weight and turnaround time;
  • Decrease the weight of the box, to allow battery a greater autonomy and/or more payload;
  • Develop an insulation offering even greater performance to limit the use of the refrigeration unit. »

« TRANSIT Truck Bodies is proud to contribute to the development of more efficient equipment for transport of dry, refrigerated and specialized cargo, while collaborating on the development of technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Discover a different kind of truck body with TRANSIT! »

Momentum for durable and adapted heavy vehicles

The government's contribution to the project gives significant impetus to the industry's research and development efforts to accelerate growth and further integrate the electric road transport sector into the markets.

With the use of heavy gasoline-powered vehicles being responsible for nearly 50% of urban motor traffic and generating substantial volumes of GHGs and noise pollution, it is imperative that the electric road transport sector accelerate its growth and develop sustainable solutions that are compatible with urban spaces.

Ultimately, the announced investments will make it possible to produce all-electric heavy-duty vehicles in Québec, with an 80% reduction in energy costs, a 60% reduction in maintenance costs and 100% more environmentally friendly footprint than the combustion vehicles currently in use in our cities.

At a glance

— The collaborative project being launched by the partners is estimated at $15.8 million, which includes $7.9 million from the Government of Quebec;

— Seven partners have committed to the project: The Lion Electric Co., Demers manufacturier d’ambulances, Posi-Plus Technologies, Fourgons TRANSIT, Boivin Évolution, Systèmes PRAN and MAXIMETAL;

— The project will open the door to the Quebec-based manufacture of a variety of all-electric urban trucks and vehicles: dry cargo or refrigerated freight trucks, mobile workshop trucks, bucket trucks, refuse trucks and ambulances;

— The all-electric Lion urban truck, which will be equipped with specialty equipment, is entirely designed and made in Quebec and boasts a 400-kilometers range;

— The all-electric Lion minibus will be the basis for a new generation of ambulances with technological enhancements and emphasis on patient comfort;

— By contributing to the electrification of transport, this project – which will revolutionize the use of heavy-duty vehicles in urban centres – plays a crucial role in Quebec’s energy transition.

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