Back Transit Bulletin December 1st, 2018

A responsive experience

Vol.18 No.12

As TRANSIT aims to always give more to its customers, we have migrated into Responsive Design

What is Responsive Design ?

Responsive Design‘s approach is to make a website completely browsable on all mobile devices.

As websites are more and more accessed from smartphones or tablets, their display needed to be redesigned to accommodate the varied specifics of all these new devices.

The benefits of Responsive Design

This technique allows for more responsiveness to, which now adapts to the different sizes and resolutions of available screens, to provide a complete experience to our customers.

Our content is now available, entirety, on all media.


You now have the luxury, no matter the support chosen, to:

  • choose your truck body, 
  • select your accessories, 
  • browse the photo gallery, 
  • browse jobs, or 
  • browse other parts of our site, optimally.

An extra with that?

We’ve also made some other improvements to, to give you even more!

Revamped « Bulletins and News » Section


We have redesigned it to help you find the information you need more quickly and easily. Now more visual, get at a glance the desired subject from the filters and categories by color.

Optimized « Career » Section 


More attractive and dynamic than ever, it now offers all the tools to maximize the search for available jobs within our organization.

Everyone wins, through:

  • job postings, simplified through filters and categories by color,
  • job alerts, 
  • open job applications, or
  • references, by sharing offers that stick to the personality of a loved one.


Click on to live the difference of the responsive experience.

Discover a different kind of truck body!

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