Back Transit Bulletin December 1st, 2021

A corporate culture that unites us

Vol.21 No.12

We Master the Craft of Truck Body Manufacturing

Proud Canadian company, leader in our market, we manufacture premium quality truck bodies, perfect for transporting all types of goods, whether dry, specialized or refrigerated.

Since 1978, our growth and technological advances have all been fuelled by our commitment to go beyond what our customers expect in terms of both products and service.

Our wide range of accessories, our in-house engineering team, our large inventory and our constantly modernizing plant allow the creation of standardized products, quickly and efficiently, designed to be durable and resistant, ensuring the shortest repair time on the market. With more than 3,000 bodies delivered every year across Canada and the United States, our operational logistics will blow your mind.

The art of surpassing

We want to serve our customers even better by offering them a wide choice of standardized options, where we capitalize on our experience and develop new options.

Transit has been a partner since the beginning of the electric truck development project and continues to put forward all the necessary resources to enable the development and production of the lightest and most efficient truck bodies possible.

More than ever, we are proud and confident that as we move forward that with Transit, you discover a different kind of truck bodies.

As the world is constantly changing, we periodically reshape our corporate strategy and our culture: A human and efficient company, Transit has the vision of being recognized for its quality truck bodies offering a wide range of configurations and designed for eco-responsible logistics.

Our values unite us, define us, and inspire our culture.

  • Respect: Ensure a healthy workplace where everyone is considered.
  • Pride: Give your best to surpass yourself as a team.
  • Collaboration: Help each other every day to go further together.
  • Fun: Core value arising from the first three.

Therefore, our mission is to build the transport solutions of the future together. And the 5 pillars that make up our strategic orientations are as follows:

  • Planet: Eco-design the lightest, most durable, and recyclable truck bodies on the North American market, designed for the green truck of tomorrow.
  • Product: Offer a quality product with a wide range of standardized options, to control our processes and meet customer needs.
  • People: Develop our talents and retain our people through accountability and empowerment.
  • Process: Develop and stabilize the Transit operational system.
  • Profit: Continuously increase our value creation.

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