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Back Transit Bulletin May 1st, 2021

Adjustments and raw materials

Vol.21 No.05

To make a long story short  

Since the beginning of 2020 the pandemic has been raging and we are still shaken by it. Our society was put on hiatus for a few months and the economic and social spheres were severely affected.

The various renovations to which confined consumers have turned and the stocks of raw materials which had already melted during this pause have contributed to accentuating this shortage.

Market pressure

Although the economic recession predicted in March 2020 the IMF now seems to fade, inventories of raw materials, normally offering leeway of about three months, will now leave a cushion of nearly five weeks. 

Shaken by a great demand on already too low stocks, this shortage situation now favors the price increases that we are currently experiencing. For example, the table below shows materials having a direct impact on truck bodies production.

Price increases

Transit works to provide you with stable prices based on the markets, but the unprecedented conditions we are currently experiencing pose significant challenges in terms of supply and production schedules.

This situation forces us to absorb several increases and, although we are looking for substitutes to offer similar products, we must take immediate action and increase our prices to adjust to the markets.

We are available       

Serving you to the best of our ability remains a priority for us. We thank you for your support and understanding.

Feel free to contact our team by dialing 1-844-382-0104, followed by 1, between 7 to 18 am (EDT) on weekdays, for more details or any clarifications. We will be happy to take the time to speak to you.

Rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to bring you the best products at the right price.

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