Back Transit Bulletin September 1st, 2018

Aluminum substructure with Huck® lockbolts

Vol.18 No.09

Ultra light substructure

TRANSIT Truck Bodies offers the lightest aluminum substructure on the market, allowing for greater payload capacities, better fuel economy and a truck that is easier to maneuver. 

Extreme durability

Our aluminum substructure is 100% corrosion resistant. As it does not rust, no antirust treatment is necessary. You can therefore expect a longer life for your TRANSIT truck body.



Assembled with Huck® lockbolts, it offers increased durability, structural flexibility and peace of mind; problems with annual inspections will be a thing of the past, as is the case with traditional welded substructures which crack over time.

Laboratory tested

Accredited in 2008 by the CRIQ during laboratory tests, our aluminum substructure with Huck® lockbolts stood out by its endurance to vibrations, through various tests reproducing the conditions likely to be present in the real world, when used over a long period of time.

How Huck® lockbolts work

Huck® lockbolts are fastener elements that, once installed, guarantee an irreproachable fixation even under intense vibrations.


The installation sequence is as follows:

  1. Pin placed into prepared hole - Collar placed over pin.
  2. Tool is placed over the fastener pintail and activated: 
        - Pin head pulled against material 
        - Anvil pushes collar against joint 
        - Initial clamp generated
  3. Tool swages collar, increasing clamp.
  4. Pintail breaks, installation complete


The squeezing action reduces the diameter of the collar, increasing its length. This in turn stretches the pin, generating a clamp force over the joint. A 360° connection is then created between the rod and the ring, on the entire height of the ring.

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