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This employee portal has been set up to keep you informed.

It will be updated in real time as new details become available.


Face covering Mandatory

Communication to employees: New prevention guidelines (2020-08-07)

Existing directives:
Since Monday, July 20th, 2020, Transit Truck Bodies management has imposed mandatory Face covering on all its customers, suppliers and subcontractors. Employees who deal with these visitors should also wear a mask when greeting the visitor and when they are within two meters.

Additional guidelines:
As of Monday August 10th, 2020, the mask must also be worn by all employees of Transit Truck Bodies for the sake of prevention and in accordance with the new measures in force.

The mask is mandatory:

  • Upon arrival at the plant - start of shift and departure - end of shift
  • When moving through passages, lockers and corridors (plant and offices)
  • At the cafeteria
  • When the distance of two (2) meters cannot be respected between people

Mask distribution: In order to allow you to respect this measure, you will receive a washable mask. It will be your responsibility to wash it, keep it clean and have it with you at all times.

Moving around the plant: It is important to have clean hands when putting on your mask on. So, when traveling for breaks, meals and at the end of shifts, it will be accepted that your mask is put on after washing your hands at the cleaning station. In other circumstances, when it is not possible to wash your hands, you should use a hydro-alcoholic liquid.

Visor: The light visor used for distancing will be replaced by the mask.

Management expects the full cooperation of all members of the Transit team and will apply a zero tolerance policy.

We thank you for your collaboration.

Let's highlight good practices! (May 13, 2020)

We are working very hard to implement new instructions which must become new lifestyle habits.

Well, our efforts are paying off !!!

This is indeed what we saw when we saw Luis Carrillo, Embaixador Francisco and Mario Moran walking 2 meters apart when they arrived this morning.

Each gesture makes the difference. Thank you for actively participating in the collective good!


Gradual return of employees (MAY 7, 2020)

As previously mentioned, the return of our employees will be phased in starting on May 11, 2020, according to a staggered work schedule.
These will be contacted individually by the HR team when their returns are planned.

In order to comply with government instructions, please do not show up if you have not been invited. Thank you

Communication to employees: update May 1, 2020 (MAY 1, 2020)

The CNESST has developed a workplace health standards guide for the manufacturing sector in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our employees will return gradually from May 11, 2020, according to a staggered work schedule.

Click here to access the full communication.

We also protect our mental health! (April 17, 2020)

Do you feel stressed, anxious or depressed? Click here for tips to help you cope with the events surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic in Quebec.


COVID-19 : New instructions for safe movement within the plant (April 16, 2020)

Access details and travel plans by clicking here.

Clarifications about Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) (April 16, 2020)

To access the full web page, click here.

After you apply

If you are eligible for the CERB, you can expect $2,000 ($500 per week) for a 4-week period.

The CERB is paid by direct deposit or by cheque if your direct deposit information is not on file.

After you apply, you should get your payment in 3 business days if you signed up for direct deposit. If you haven't, you should get it in about 10 business days. If your situation continues, you can re-apply for a payment for multiple 4-week periods, to a maximum of 16 weeks (4 periods).

These benefits are taxable

You will need to report any payments received on next year's tax filing. An information slip will be made available for the 2020 tax year in My Account under Tax Information Slips (T4 and more).

Return or repay CERB

You may want to return or repay the CERB if you:

  • return to work earlier than expected
  • applied for CERB but later realize you’re not eligible

You have the option to return or repay your CERB payment now.

If you still have the original CERB cheque

You can return the cheque by mail to the address below.

If you don't have the cheque or were paid by direct deposit

You can mail your repayment to the CRA. Be sure to:

  1. make payment out to "Receiver General for Canada"
  2. indicate it is for "Repayment of CERB"
  3. include your Social Insurance Number (SIN) or your Temporary Tax Number (TTN)

Mail your payment to

Revenue Processing – Repayment of CERB
Sudbury Tax Centre
1050 Notre Dame Avenue
Sudbury ON P3A 0C1

Questions about CERB

Unsure if you should apply for CERB with Service Canada or CRA?

Questions about applying for CERB with CRA?

To find answers to common questions through our automated help line or to speak with an agent about CERB:


COVID-19: What financial assistance programs are you eligible for? (April 14, 2020)

Access a web questionnaire allowing you to easily find in relation to your situation, click here.


Fraudulent Telephone Calls and Texting- COVID-19  

To access the web page, click here.



The current coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is a rare and unusual reality, one in which it is impossible to accurately foresee who in our close circle may become contaminated but recover. While the majority of people who get COVID-19 recover on their own, this disease is fatal in some cases, and this can unfortunately happen to someone we hold dear. 
​ If you experience such a situation, we offer you our deepest condolences.

For help and advice, click here.


In these difficult times, we would like to offer our sincere sympathies to the following employees for the loss of a loved one:


Communication to employees - Update (April 7, 2020)

To access the press release, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions, Part 3 (April 7, 2020)

Get answers to your questions by clicking here.


Fourgons TRANSIT complies with the request of the Government of Quebec which orders, from Wednesday March 25 at 12:01 a.m. to May 4, 2020, the temporary closure of our facilities in order to ensure the safety of our employees at home. (April 6, 2020)

To access the press release, click here.

What is the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit? (April 2, 2020)

To access the web page, click here.

Implementation of exceptional protection measures (March 31, 2020)

To access the press release, click here.

Increased guidelines and prevention commitment for all (March 31, 2020)

To access the press release, click here.

Targeted recall of employees for the production of priority boxes (whose return to work is scheduled for Monday, March 30, 2020)

To access the press release, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions - Part 2 (Employment Insurance, Postel, T4 / R1, HR and Annuities) (March 23, 2020)

Get answers to your questions by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions (COVID-19) (March 23, 2020)

Get answers to your questions by clicking here.


Summary of help available to workers

Get a table summarizing the help available to workers by clicking here.

Useful links:






Communication of March 17, 2020: Click here.

Cafeteria service temporarily closed

We would like to inform you that the cafeteria catering service is temporarily closed (as of Monday March 23, 2020).

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The health and safety of our employees and visitors is a priority for TRANSIT Truck Bodies.

As part of the exceptional measures deployed to limit the spread of COVID-19, we have implemented additional hygiene and screening measures to protect our employees and visitors to our facilities.

We will remain on the lookout for and take steps to comply with government guidelines.

** Please keep a distance of 2 meters with all colleagues or customers. **



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