Back Transit Bulletin November 1st, 2018

Cutaway Truck Bodies

Vol.18 No.11

Built to save you time and money

Accessible to all, this range of trucks does not require any additional driver class (except where noted).

Either your truck box gets mounted on a GM, Ford or Chrysler cutaway chassis, it allows the front wall of the truck body to become the back wall of the cab.  In addition, when a partition or a door is installed, it provides cargo access from the cab thereby speeding up the process of each delivery. 

Discover our full line of Cutaway truck bodies


Cutaway Classik™ truck body

The Classik™ truck body is the obvious solution for transporting dry freight. It looks great, is customizable and it lowers your total cost of ownership.


Cutaway Classik™ Profilair truck body

The Classik™ Profilair truck body offer all the advantages of the Classik™ truck body with added room to stand up straight inside the cabin to the van body, which is an excellent solution for multi-stop deliveries, speeding up the process of each delivery.  
(Available on some chassis only.)


Cutaway Arctik™ refrigerated truck body

The Arctik™ truck body allows you refrigerated deliveries almost everywhere due to its tight turning radius. This reefer truck box is ideal for shorter and multi-delivery city routes.


Cutaway Frio™ high performance refrigerated truck body

The Frio™ refrigerated truck body offer all the advantages of the Arctik™ truck body plus the benefits of a better reefer performance, more efficiency and more reliability. It is ecological and economical; the ultimate choice for your success!


TRANSIT holds one of the largest GM, Ford and Chrysler chassis inventories in Canada

In addition to quickly getting the desired truck chassis, combined with the truck body that meets your specific needs, our partnership with GM, Ford and Chrysler lets you enjoy an incentive rebate from the manufacturer.

CONTACT US today for more details. Take advantage of the partnership!

The best truck body tailor-made for the greatest truck brands

We believe that we can give you a different kind of truck body, one with advanced features that can lower your total cost of ownership, either mounted on cutaways, light or medium trucks. Visit for more details on all our products.


Discover a different kind of truck body!

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