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Back Transit Bulletin August 1st, 2019

Do you know TRANSIT Truck Bodies?

Vol.19 No.08

It's way more than just truck bodies  

It is a team of more than 350 competent, enthusiastic and specialized individuals, dedicated to making your success, our success! 

Passion and commitments  

We aim at a high level of satisfaction for both products and services, while focusing on excellence and maintaining high-quality standards. 

Our relations are based upon trust, respect and commitment. We proudly evolve in an environment where proficiency is coupled with efficiency and flexibility. 

Always driven by customers, suppliers and employees, TRANSIT Truck Bodies has the ability to adapt to the growing needs and realities of an ever-evolving marketplace. 

Innovation and value 

All our combined talent, competencies and accumulated experience determine our ability to meet your expectations. We rely on the effective collaboration between our different departments, groups and services to help initiate the innovation, agility and flexibility for our organization.

We have set up our own training academy to maximize integration, development, specialization and evolution within the company, thereby encouraging a fast and flexible response to change.

Warm atmosphere and family spirit 

Our concern for the well-being and health of employees is lived daily, through activities combining pleasure and development:

  • Welcome presentation which lists the working conditions, policies and values, allowing to integrate well with the company and create a bond of belonging
  • Visit of the plant and the various departments, with explanations on the operations and specificities
  • Exercises to welcome new candidates; sharing their past experiences / career paths, their passions, their interests in life, their strengths
  • Training with experienced coaches, to develop, grow, become versatile, acquire a wealth of knowledge, change jobs and evolve within the company
  • Opportunity to obtain certifications, accredited training
  • Safe and healthy environment, with an accessible OHS committee that is very active in prevention
  • Social Committee organizing several activities throughout the year, for employees, their spouces and their families
  • Program for 55+, including benefits such as reduced work weeks
  • And much more…


In constant evolution 

Our sales network rises through a dozen representatives, both internally and on the road.

We continue to expand in Quebec, Ontario, western Canada and eastern United States, with "on the street" presence across all territories, and our mission is clear: to quickly deliver quality truck bodies tailored to your needs.


Ask and you shall receive 

Whether you want to purchase truck bodies, or join our dynamic team, you're always welcome!

Discover a different kind of truck body life!

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