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Back Transit Bulletin July 1st, 2019

Do you like to ride?

Vol.19 No.07




We’ve been loving it, for more than 40 years 

As far back as we could remember, the pleasure of the road boils down to the nap we took when returning from our relatives, or the Sunday car rides, standing on the back bench of our father's car, having fun with the other passengers while enjoying the scenery. 

The happiness box  

While we're working to beautify the roads and make the lives of truckers more enjoyable everyday by making the most beautiful and durable bodies on the market, our child's heart resurfaces when the weather heats up and gives way to summer. 

Make your journey livelier with TRANSIT  

So today we are offering you a more fun and lighter bulletin, to enjoy the summer with your road partners, young and old. A unique selection to occupy your passengers all along the way.


Games to hit the road for the holiday  

Here is an amusing list of games to have fun while traveling this summer:


For us, it's the classic of all Classiks™!  
For this simple game, passengers must identify TRANSIT truck bodies on the road. The person who finds the most in a given period of time wins the game.



Competitors must replace and conjugate all verbs included in their discussions with the verb "Smurf". If a normal verb is pronounced, the person is eliminated.


Someone proposes a sequence of 5 words including an intruder. The one who identifies it the fastest wins one point and submits the next sequel. For example: 4 car brands and one truck brand, 4 mammals and one oviparous, 4 hardwoods and one conifer, etc.


The goal of the game is to find twin cars or trucks. Vary the levels of difficulty by juxtaposing identical brands, models, colors, options... The first player identifies a vehicle on the road and the others must find its twin. The first who finds screams "twins! " then gains one point and identifies the next vehicle. 


Over a given period of time, participants are not allowed to answer yes or no to the questions addressed to them. Those who are wrong are excluded.


Have you exhausted all your ideas and need peace? The first who speaks has lost! 

Good road 

Enjoy the summer, be careful and have fun.
We wish you the nicest summer holidays!


Discover another kind of truck body ... and have fun!

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