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Back Transit Bulletin June 1st, 2020

FOCUS Project

Vol.20 No.06

For better customer service 

It's in everyone's nature to try to stand out. Although good intentions are usually the driving force behind new projects, it is sometimes difficult to put into practice what we originally planned. Several factors can make us deviate from our objective. It is therefore imperative to be structured to keep the focus.

Building a solid structure 

With more than 40 years of experience, TRANSIT tends to always go further for its employees, partners and customers. Good practices are put forward and training is one of our bases. The FOCUS project thus aims to provide our team with a Foundation where the primary Objective is the Customer experience, while working to Unite all the Services of the company. Getting together is a start; staying together is progress; working together is success.

We develop our talents

TRANSIT continuously works to identify the talents of its employees and gives them the opportunity to develop them. We are convinced that recognizing their identity helps them excel in what they do best, as talents touch the deep identity and intrinsic motivations of each person.

We are stronger together

The talents of each employee deserve to be known and cultivated, as this is what makes the wealth of the organization. The whole of the employees constitutes the company's potential talent pool. The full commitment of everyone is essential to make this project a success. The objective is to equip all our individuals to face the changes imposed by the market and thus better manage our strong growth.

We opt for a structured and personalized process

TRANSIT joins forces with an external partner to support us in our business development journey. It is by no means a personal evaluation exercise, but rather a collective project aimed at performance, standardization of our message, acquisition of key skills and increase of our potential.

With more than 15,000 transactions completed per year in Service, Parts and Sales, in addition to all the activities that take place in Reception, Shipping and Delivery, it is clear that everyone's work is important, that the sharing of knowledge and information is necessary, and that the importance and respect of everyone across all departments is essential. A consistent message will subsequently be simpler and stronger.

We are moving towards a simplified solution

First, meetings between different key players and our consultant allow the analysis and evaluation of our current practices, as well as our coaching needs, in order to respond well to the realities of our market.

The second stage takes place through a tailor-made training plan, divided over several meetings. The objectives of the program include the following points: Standardize our working methods; Develop our efficiency; Improve our internal and external customer relations skills; Facilitate the acquisition and retention of new customers; Increase market share with our existing customers.

You are essential

Whether you have already been involved or are soon to be integrated into it, we need you. Whether you are employees, partners or customers, we are available and want to hear from you. In each truck body there is both you and us, and it is together that we will achieve success!


YOU are Transit.

Discover another kind of truck body!

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