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More than 60,000 times thank you!

Press Release

Despite the pandemic that has monopolized most of the discussion topics over the past year, 2020 was rich in achievements and allowed us all to evolve on many levels. 

We would like to underline the solidarity and collaboration of each member of our team. They were able to adapt to this extraordinary situation and seize the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of our community by participating in the manufacturing of truck bodies needed to transport parcels, food, medicines, vaccines, etc. 

Commemoration of the 60,000th Transit truck body 

Although the festivities related to the production of our 60 000th truck body was more sober than usual, we had to mark this important milestone, as it is directly related to the reality in which we are all now diving.

A collaboration that goes a long way 

We are indeed very pleased to have produced the 60,000th Transit body in partnership with Skelton Truck Lines, which specializes in temperature-controlled transport system and pharmaceutical transport.

Founded in 1962, Skelton Truck Lines is a family business with three generations of dedicated family members, where every employee is also an integral part of it. It is a prosperous and constantly expanding organization, with more than 150 pieces of equipment, in addition to 77,000 square feet state-of-the-art facility of qualified, validated and mapped storage that incorporates a 3,000 square foot refrigerated cross-dock.

A strong team  

It is undoubtedly a pleasure to do business with a company that shares so many values and goals. As each employee is part of the family for each of our companies, we understand the importance of all the individuals who make it up and are proud to offer a place where it is good to grow, well surrounded.

This mutual desire to bring our expertise through innovative products, nourished by our commitment to go beyond what customers expect in terms of products and services, we are happy to share it through our families and the rest of the world.

Thus, we unite to repeat: More than 60 000 times thank you!


About TRANSIT Truck Bodies (www.transit.ca

Since 1978, our growth and technological advances have all been fueled by our commitment to go beyond what our customers expect in terms of both products and service. With more than 57,000 manufactured truck bodies, our experience has led to the creation of a comprehensive range, such as dry freight (Classik™ & X-Treme™) and refrigerated truck bodies (Arctik™ & Frio™) offering durability, innovative technologies, ease of use and impeccable design. Our large variety of accessories, our in-house engineering & design team, our large inventory and our modern plant allow us to custom-build products quickly and efficiently, designed to be durable and resistant, ensuring the shortest repair time on the market. Our customers include dealers, leasing companies and any organizations seeking to reduce their operating costs. Discover a different kind of truck body with Transit.

For further information: Pierre Garant, Marketing Coordinator • 450 975-5283 • pgarant@transit.ca  • www.transit.ca

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