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How to maximize your earnings through good maintenance?

It's easy with TRANSIT! 

Since 1978, our growth and technological advances have all been fueled by our commitment to go beyond what our customers expect in terms of both products and service. 

Follow our good advice 

As we believe that truck bodies can be innovative and save you money, not only do we provide you with premium quality products that are made to last, but we also make sure you have the best tools and recommendations on hand to keep them in top condition!

Refer to the label 

Indeed, all of our truck bodies are now provided with a sticker summarizing the best practices to adopt to keep you safe, with a healthy box! Here is what you will find there...

Recommended Preventive Maintenance Practices    

  1. Inspect and retighten regularly the truck body U-bolts at the specified torque level - 65-70 ft.lb. (89-95 N-m). Under normal operation conditions, the recommended inspection schedule is every 6 months.
  2. If the truck is equipped with a liftgate, ensure it is well lubricated and properly serviced. Refer to the liftgate owner’s manual for details about the recommended maintenance.
  3. If the box is equipped with hardwood floor, avoid fluid spills or prolonged wetting. Excessive exposure to liquids will lead to serious deterioration and permanent damage of the floor.
  4. Ensure the doors are securely closed before driving the truck. Federal regulations require that truck body doors must be closed at all time during the truck movement. If the body has a roll-up door, check the strap and cables daily for fraying. Never use grease. Lubricate with oil monthly. not stand under door when it is moving.
  5. Loads must always be properly attached to prevent shifting or movements during transportation. Serious damages, injuries or even death could occur if the load is not properly restrained. Refer to the federal regulations for in-detail requirements about containing, immobilizing and securing your cargo.  

What if a repair is necessary? 

Our technical advisors are trained to provide you with reliable services, as well as sound advice tailored to your needs.

Moreover, note that Transit has a large network of service centers to help, throughout Canada and the United States.

Call 1-844-382-0104, then press 2. We will guide you and provide the support you need.. 

Discover a different kind of truck body!

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