Back Transit Bulletin November 1st, 2021

Rediscover the perforated aluminum ramp

Vol.21 No.11

Maximize your options 

A loading ramp is an inclined plane allowing your goods to pass between 2 platforms of different levels, when a dock is not available.

Get the best

The aluminum ramp remains the best choice to guarantee the loading or unloading of your merchandise. Indeed, it has exceptional strength for heavy loads, and it does not rust.

It is simple to use and easy to maintain. With water, solvent, and a clean cloth, you will easily keep it in good condition and be able to use it for many years.

Do your job safely

Our perforated aluminum ramp is now safer and easier to use.

Indeed, the holes in its surface now extend from the truck box down to the ground, over its full width. These thus allow water to flow more easily to ensure better adhesion.

In addition, now lighter than its previous version and that offered by the competition, you will have more ease to use and handle it.

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