In order to facilitate social distancing, to comply with government regulations and to ensure a healthy and safe working environment, we want to let you know that special measures have been taken to keep our employees and our customers safe.

You are welcome to contact us with any questions or requests.

Sales: Press 1 or email us at sales@transit.ca 
Service: Press 2 or email us at service@transit.ca 
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Payroll: Press 6 or email us at paie@transit.ca

No visit without appointment.

Thank you for your trust.

Back Transit Bulletin May 1st, 2020

Respect and commitment

Vol.20 No.05

In the current climate, where transparency and human contact are essential, the needs and well-being of our loved ones are more than ever placed in the foreground.

A new way of seeing the world 

We have been confronted in the past few weeks with an unparalleled situation, which has brought many things we have inadvertently taken for granted into perspective. Whether it is our way of socializing, shopping or working, we have realized the value of all the details of our daily lives.

A source of inspiration 

Our team being at the heart of our success and our operations, our priority is more than ever to preserve their health and well-being. The same goes, of course, for our customers and partners. We would like to thank our employees for their solidarity and collaboration in adapting to this extraordinary situation. 

A necessity 

As many of our clients work in the pharmaceutical, medical and food sectors, which are in high demand by the nature of their essential services, we remained partially open during the government-ordered closure period.

We have not only been busy manufacturing the vital truck bodies, we have also implemented special distancing measures to ensure the safety of our employees and customers; 

  • Appointment process for taking possession, getting repairs or purchasing parts
  • New guidelines for safe movement within the plant
  • Establishment of mandatory sanitation laboratories
  • Establishment of additional preventive instructions
  • Prevention commitment for all
  • Creation of an Employee Portal
  • And much more

A new step 

Our recovery plan already well underway, our production is back for all types of truck bodies, dry as well as refrigerated. We have optimized our health operations and made sure that we are able to meet the recommended social distance of two meters. We of course ask everyone to be vigilant about the distance between colleagues, customers and partners, at all times, indoors and outdoors. 

A team ready to meet your needs 

More than ever, supporting and maximizing the achievement of your objectives remains a priority for us. We are committed to doing so by quickly supplying you with quality truck bodies adapted to your needs.

The TRANSIT team members are there for you. Your representative has the solutions you are looking for. Contact him. Meet him. Refer him. He is always there for you. Take advantage of him. 

We are TRANSIT  

You are Transit.

Discover a different kind truck body


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