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Save time and money

Vol.21 No.07

Transit is committed to quickly provide you with quality truck bodies, tailored to your needs. 

Supported by our team, you benefit from our expertise in bodies, trucks, and the transport industry. 

In addition, we determine together the optimal elements to maximize your operations and your profits. We are aware of the costs incurred by replacing a body, or decommissioning a truck, and we want to support you as best as possible to offer you a durable box that meets your specific needs.

Your involvement is therefore most important. Although your representative will ask you the questions necessary to design your truck body, the more information you can provide us in advance, the faster you can speed up the planning and production processes.  

Gather the key elements

1 - Identify irritants

You know your business, its needs, the history of your fleet and the various challenges encountered over time. You are in the best position to identify any operational shortcomings or design issues related to your old boxes.

This is therefore an opportunity to remedy these situations and make the improvements that are necessary. Providing this information to your representative is an easy way to find solutions to maximize your usage and the life of your fleet.

2 – Determine the type of use

Once the irritants have been identified, it is important to know the intended use of the truck body as this guides the design requirements.

For example, a truck used to transport heavy equipment, or that is loaded with a forklift, requires a thicker floor and reinforced protective strips, while a smaller utility truck probably don't need these features. As everything changes the weight of your vehicle, every detail is important, and nothing should be interpreted. Knowing the usage from the first meeting will allow a better adapted box, which will surely be built more quickly.

3 – Provide chassis specifications

Chassis specifications and cab-to-axle measurement are essential for a proper quote and should be provided from the start.

The CA measurement of a truck plays a capital role as it acts as a pivot to balance the vehicle and its load. To determine the correct CA, many factors such as gross vehicle weight rating, attachments, wheelbase, load and positioning, and applicable laws must be considered to ensure a balanced truck.

Also note the importance of sharing your truck's serial number with your Transit representative as soon as you get it, as it is directly linked to the production date of your box.

4 – Specify the necessary accessories

Based on your operational needs, as well as those of your drivers to make them efficient, prepare a list of the options most likely to maximize your fleet, such as tailgates or lighting, by visiting our accessories section. Also underline any tie-down areas, door positioning or other specific needs. This will allow you to speed up the purchasing process and ensure that we are able to complete your request.

5 – Prepare your questions

Simplify the conversation by preparing a list of questions ahead of time. You will therefore be able to answer your representative’s questions in complete peace of mind, and then follow up with your own, without fear of forgetting any. Learn about the different steps up to taking possession, certifications, guarantees, the engineering team, etc. All these questions can strengthen your confidence and confirm your decisions.

You are ready

Order your truck body by reaching the sales team from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., five days a week, by using the main number (1-844-382-0104, followed by 1) or by general email (

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