Back Transit Bulletin February 1st, 2019

The winning roster

Vol.19 No.02



You deserve the best 

That’s why TRANSIT brings you a unique line-up of truck bodies, tailored to your needs. 

You know what you want

Whether transporting dry or refrigerated merchandise, just like your business, TRANSIT truck bodies stand out:


Everything is made on site. Our internal engineering team can develop customized truck bodies that meet our client’s specific requirements.


Your truck looks great. Rivet-free panels provide a smooth surface for decals and graphics. Stainless steel corners, LED lights and more - all enhance the look of your truck body.


With an efficient manufacturing process and a complete inventory, deliveries are made without delay. Our turnaround time is amazingly fast, unmatched in the industry. Your truck body will be ready to hit the road quickly.


You spend less. Transit offers the most cost-effective truck body in North America. With its unique features, your box is more durable, repairs are less frequent and downtime is kept to a minimum.


Your repairs are done faster. All the materials used are corrosion resistant and the panels can be easily replaced from the outside - thanks to the bonded panels technology.


You get more bang for your buck

As if innovative, lightweight premium products seemed to be the best thing you could get...

TRANSIT offers you even more, with an expertise of over 40 years and a clear and simple 5-year warranty; the most complete on the market!

More and more people run with TRANSIT truck bodies.


Discover a different kind of truck body!

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