Back Transit Bulletin March 1st, 2019

Why glued panels?

Vol.19 No.03


To offer you the best box 

TRANSIT truck bodies are distinguished in many ways, but one of the most striking features is definitely the bonded aluminum panel construction.

Ultralight and seamless 

Our 1.27 mm (0.050’’) thick H291 series bonded aluminum panels increase the strength of the box while reducing weight. The box is self-supporting through its structure built of aluminum Z-posts. The panels only act an exterior covering and are not structural.

Next Generation Adhesive 

Stronger than welds, you will be reassured to learn that the structural adhesive made of 1-component polyurethane used by TRANSIT is also used to assemble heavy vehicle chassis.

Aesthetics and durability 

This ultra-resistant protective shield offers the most rigid outer coating of the industry in addition to a smooth and uniform surface for graphics, giving your brand the best possible look. 
Although white aluminum panels are standard, a choice of more than twenty colors is also available on special order.


Ease of repair and maintenance 

All materials used are resistant to corrosion. Without welds or rivets, the panels are easily replaceable from the outside, without damaging the interior, in just a few hours.

By comparison, folded or riveted panels, used by other manufacturers, are twice as long to change as our glued panels, and some even require the removal of interior finish and furnishings, if any.

Whether you have a dry or a refrigerated truck body, all the benefits of bonded aluminum panels will provide you substantial savings of time and money.

Discover a different kind of truck body!

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