Over 150 truck bodies in inventory

Delivered to you in no time 

Our stock bodies are installed within 5 working days. 

They will then be ready to hit the road to maximize your profits!

Reach our sales team from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EDT), five days a week:

1-844-382-0104, followed by 1

Back Transit Bulletin October 1st, 2020

You need your truck body as soon as possible?

Vol.20 No.10

Nothing is faster than stock on hand!  

We have over 150 truck bodies in inventory, ready to be installed in 5 working days and then delivered to you. 

Efficient production and fast delivery

With an efficient manufacturing process and a complete inventory, deliveries are made without delay. 

Our turnaround time is amazingly fast, unmatched in the industry. Your truck body will be ready to hit the road in no time.


When diversity rhymes with availability

Look at the following list to make your choice:

Dry bodies / Multi-uses

  • 12’ Classik FRP with ramp (GM Cutaway)
  • 20’ Classik / Hardwood
  • 20’ Classik LITE with TE-20
  • 20’ Classik Lightweight
  • 20’ Classik Lightweight (Rental Specs)
  • 20’ Classik with TE-20 (Rental Specs)
  • 26’ Classik FRP / Satin Rear Frame / Ready for Liftgate
  • 26’ Classik x 102” high / Ready for Liftgate
  • 26’ Classik FRP x 102” high / Ready for Liftgate (Rental Specs)
  • 26’ Classik x 102” high / Satin Rear Frame / Ready for Liftgate

Refrigerated bodies

  • 16’ FRIO Lightweight
  • 18’ FRIO Lightweight
  • 19’ FRIO Lightweight
  • 26’ FRIO for Tandem Axle / Ready for Liftgate
  • 13’ FRIO Lightweight / Multi-temperature


You have questions? We have answers!

You can reach the sales team from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EDT), five days a week, by using the main number (1-844-382-0104, followed by 1) or by general email (sales@transit.ca).

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