Discover another kind of truck body.

We Master the Craft of Truck Body Manufacturing

Since 1978, our growth and technological advances have all been fuelled by our commitment to go beyond what our customers expect in terms of both products and service.

The best truck body tailor-made for the greatest truck brands.

We believe that we can give you a different kind of box truck body, one with advanced features that can lower your total cost of ownership and deliver customer service that will make you go “wow!”.

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What our customers are saying

We bought the Frio truck body and this product has all the insulation properties we need to transport refrigerated goods. Designed and built to last, the Frio is in a separate class – there is nothing like it in the market- because of it lightweight, its energy efficiency, the quality of its carefully chosen materials and its reliability. It’s a great product and we were extremely well-served.

Guy David, Distribution G.D.

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