MAXON BMR-66 liftgate

Maxon BMR lift gate is a high performance column lift designed for extreme loads up to 6,600 pounds.



With a plateform size up to 85 inches wide x 84 inches deep, added with retention ramp 16“, the BMR is perfect for oversize loads.

You can safely have a skid, an electric jigger and a user on the plate-form while raising or lowering the plate-form.

Main Features

  • Severe duty design
  • Capacity of 4400 lbs to 6600lbs
  • Double pump and motor
  • Power open and close
  • Hydraulic lock valves for added safety
  • Integrated rear lights
  • Available galvanized with an aluminium finish
  • Sealed harnests
  • No key needed cab cut of swich

How to use it?