Aluminum substructure

Ultra light

TRANSIT truck bodies’ aluminum substructure is the lightest on the market, allowing for greater payload capacities, better fuel economy and a truck that is easier to maneuver.

Extreme durability

Being 100% corrosion resistant, our aluminum substructure does not rust, so rustproofing treatments are a thing of the past.


The assembly with huck bolts allows for increased durability and flexibility of the substructure. This avoids cracking and problems during annual inspections, as is the case with traditional substructures with welded seams.

Tested in laboratory

Accredited in 2008 by the CRIQ during laboratory tests, our aluminum substructure with huck bolts stood out by its endurance to vibrations, through various tests reproducing the conditions likely to be present in the real world, when used over a long period of time.