Neon Grote L.E.D.

The Grote LED neon with a motion sensor is an optional equipment inside our truck bodies. Whenever there is movement, the light illuminates. It is economical because it limits the light in time and avoid oversights.



  • Standard Output, Bulk Pack
  • Operating temperatures -40°F to +122°F
  • Built-in, automatic thermal protection device
  • Encapsulant potting for total circuit board protection
  • Q current is less than 2ma for constant motion sensing
  • Motion sensor technology is designed to eliminate a switch
  • Robust, one-piece, aluminum housing and rugged polycarbonate lens
  • Self-resetting internal cut-off switch to protect against excessive current


  • Material: Aluminum/Polycarbonate
  • FMVSS: J2139 S4.1
  • Color: White
  • Bulb: LED
  • Output: 800 Lumens
  • Voltage Amp: 12V / 1.75A / .02A